Additional Terms and Conditions

    1. PRIVACY POLICY, pursuant to Section 7525 of the Internal Revenue Code, the Enrolled Agents employed by Larson Financial to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) are federally-authorized tax practitioners. As such, with respect to communications between a Larson federally-authorized tax practitioner and a Larson client constituting tax advice, the same common law protections of confidentiality which apply to a communication between a taxpayer and an attorney also apply to communications between a Larson client and Larson’s federally-authorized tax practitioners to the extent the communication would be considered a privileged communication if it were between a taxpayer and an attorney. Larson Financial will communicate with the IRS and state taxing authorities regarding a client’s tax debt, tax return filings and tax repayment schedules but WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO NEGOTIATE a REDUCED TAX DEBT SETTLEMENT, LUMP SUM PAYMENT OR INTEREST RATE REDUCTION. 

      Larson Financial IS NOT a DEBT SERVICES, DEBT SETTLEMENT, DEBT NEGOTIATION or DEBT MANAGEMENT COMPANY. We DO NOT offer any services or representation for the following:

      • Consumer debt
      • Unsecured debt
      • Credit card debt
      • Student loan debt
      • Business debt
      • Home or mortgage debt
      • Auto or vehicle debt
      • And any other non-tax debt


    2. Larson may not disclose such confidential and privileged communications without the Larson client’s written consent to any private third party or in any litigation except with regard to a criminal proceeding involving the taxpayer brought by or on behalf of a governmental agency.If Larson receives a request for such privileged communications, by formal or informal written request, subpoena or otherwise, Larson will so advise the Larson client and inquire as to whether the Larson client consents in writing to disclosure of the confidential information. Unless Larson’s federally-authorized tax practitioner receives such written consent, Larson shall decline to provide said communications.

      In the event a Larson client is the subject of a criminal investigation or proceeding before the IRS or in a court of competent jurisdiction, Larson may be required to provide the requested information without the client’s consent. Under some circumstances in the context of a criminal investigation or criminal proceeding involving the Larson client, Larson may be subject to a court order prohibiting the disclosure of such a request or Larson’s compliance with it to the Larson client. Larson will comply with any such court order.

      Larson will fully honor its obligation to protect the confidentiality of its clients’ privileged communications as permitted or required by law.

    3. Examples of additional work include but not limited to: Appeal of unfavorable ruling by Taxing Authority, Delay in resolution not caused by LFI, Additional claims from other Taxing Authorities, Addition of taxpayers with additional tax obligations, Representation of client in audit proceedings conducted by Taxing Authority, Appeal of personal assessment by Taxing Authority of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Assessment of personal liability in connection with business liabilities such as withholding or sales taxes, Default by Client of a current Installment Agreement requiring applying for new Installment Agreement, Rejection of proposed Installment Agreement by Taxing Authority requiring new financial disclosure and resubmission and reapplication for a proposed Installment Agreement, Additional services including without limitation, obtaining Certificate of Discharge of a lien or a certificate of subordination, Business shutdown, Tax preparation work, Remaining on record to monitor file after resolution of initial claimed liabilities.


  1. LFI will perform the services called for under this agreement, keep Client informed of progress and developments, and respond promptly to Client’s inquiries. Client understands and agrees that LFI will have sole contact with the taxing authorities during pendency of this Service Agreement, in the best interest of the Client. Client agrees to not contact the taxing authorities without LFI’s prior approval. Client agrees to be truthful and cooperative with LFI; supply information in a timely manner when requested; keep LFI reasonably informed of new developments, client address, telephone numbers and whereabouts; and timely make any payments agreed upon with this agreement. Should client fail to comply with these requirements as set forth in this paragraph, LFI reserves the right to terminate this Service Agreement, upon written notice to Client.
    Client will not incur any additional fees without written consent to LFI from Client. Any proposed additional work or related fees will be considered agreed upon if Client so states this in writing. Should Client opt to decline any proposed additional services, Client may terminate this Service Agreement with LFI with no further obligations of each party to one another.